The Interview
The Interview

Evaluation and comparison of job candidates.

The Interview Features

The Interview is a platform that simplifies the recruitment process for companies, allowing them to create customized job listings and interview questions. Candidates can record asynchronous video responses, enabling a comprehensive evaluation of their skills. The platform includes a rating system and mobile features for convenient candidate review, all while ensuring GDPR compliance and data security.

Key Features:

  1. Custom Job Listings: Create tailored job listings to attract candidates with the right qualifications and skills.
  2. Asynchronous Video Interviews: Enable candidates to record video responses to interview questions, saving time and allowing for more in-depth evaluations.
  3. Rating System: Compare and contrast candidates based on qualifications, skills, and responses using the built-in rating system.
  4. Mobile Features: Review candidate responses and make hiring decisions conveniently from a mobile device, ensuring flexibility.
  5. GDPR Compliance: Ensure adherence to data protection regulations with GDPR-compliant practices and ethical data handling.
  6. Secure Authentication: Utilize a unique authentication method that eliminates the need for passwords, enhancing security.
  7. Data Security: Secure file storage distributes data across multiple nodes to reduce the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.

Use Cases:

• Efficient Candidate Evaluation: Streamline the recruitment process by evaluating candidates' skills and qualifications through asynchronous video interviews.

• Informed Hiring Decisions: Compare candidates' responses and ratings to make well-informed hiring decisions efficiently.

• Mobile Hiring: Access candidate information and review interview responses on-the-go using the mobile features.

The Interview empowers companies to optimize their recruitment process, attracting top talent and making efficient, informed hiring decisions.



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