Chat CV
Chat CV

Create your CV by just chatting

Chat CV Features

Chat CV is a revolutionary app that simplifies the process of creating a professional CV. By engaging in a chat conversation with an AI chatbot, users can easily build their CV and have it instantly available on the web, enabling them to stand out from the crowd and increase their chances of landing their dream job.

Key Features:

  • Chat-based CV creation using AI chatbot
  • Instant web availability of CV
  • Real-time updates and edits to the CV
  • Professional and visually appealing CV templates
  • Easy sharing of CV link with potential employers

Use Cases:

  • Job seekers looking to create professional CVs easily and quickly
  • Professionals seeking to update their resumes with the latest information
  • Students and graduates entering the job market and needing a polished CV
  • Individuals looking for a user-friendly and innovative CV creation tool

With Chat CV, the traditional CV creation process is transformed into an interactive and efficient chat-based experience.



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