Heavier AI
Heavier AI

Efficient client acquisition solution for agencies.

Heavier AI Features

Heavier A.I. is an AI-powered solution designed to help agencies streamline their client acquisition process and connect with ready-to-pay clients. By leveraging its extensive database of AI procured leads, the tool eliminates the need for manual research and hours spent searching for potential clients.

Key Features:

  • AI Procured Leads: Database of AI generated leads to connect agencies with ready-to-pay clients.
  • AI Lead Generation Tool: Provides increased lead attribution compared to relying solely on appointment setters.
  • Impressive Results: Users have closed deals with an average value of $1,650 and collectively closed deals worth $468K in Q1 of 2023, with a 54% average rate of closed clients.
  • Community Engagement: Platform offers a community for users to connect, learn high-value skills, and sell successfully closed clients.

Use Cases:

  • Agencies looking to streamline their client acquisition process and optimize their operations.
  • Business professionals seeking an AI-powered solution for lead generation and client acquisition.
  • Individuals interested in joining a community to connect with like-minded individuals and gain knowledge on high-value skills.

Heavier A.I. is an efficient and effective AI-powered solution for agencies seeking to streamline their client acquisition process and optimize their business operations.



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