Create soft furnishing fabric designs with the power of AI.

FabricGenie Features

FabricGenie is an AI-powered tool that enables users to discover unique fabric designs that match their descriptions or complement the décor of their room. With FabricGenie, users can easily describe a design or upload an image of their room, and the tool will generate fabric designs that align with their preferences and style.

Key Features:

  • Design Description or Image Upload: Users can describe their desired fabric design or upload an image of their room as a reference.
  • AI-Generated Fabric Designs: FabricGenie utilizes AI algorithms to generate unique fabric designs based on the user's description or room image.
  • Matching Preferences and Room Décor: The tool takes into account factors such as color schemes, patterns, textures, and aesthetics to ensure the fabric designs align with the user's preferences or complement their room's décor.
  • Order Options: Users can order the generated fabric designs as loose fabric or choose made-to-measure curtains or blinds.

Use Cases:

  • Interior Design and Home Décor: FabricGenie is a valuable tool for individuals involved in interior design or home décor projects. It assists in finding fabric designs that match the desired aesthetics of a room or complement existing décor.
  • Personal Crafting Projects: Users engaged in personal crafting projects can utilize FabricGenie to discover unique fabric designs that align with their vision. The generated fabric designs can be ordered as loose fabric to incorporate into various DIY projects.
  • Custom Curtains and Blinds: FabricGenie offers the option to order fabric designs as made-to-measure curtains or blinds, providing users with the opportunity to customize their window treatments with unique and personalized fabrics.

FabricGenie simplifies the process of finding the perfect fabric designs by leveraging AI to generate options that match the user's description or complement their room's décor.



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