Speeds up ticket resolution with smart support.

Parabolic Features

Parabolic is an advanced AI-powered customer support assistant that aims to expedite ticket resolution processes. It is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing ticketing software platforms like Intercom, Zendesk, and Helpscout, leveraging a user's support data to provide efficient and effective customer support.

Key Features:

  • Intent Detection and Auto-Drafting: Parabolic understands customer intent and generates draft responses, both general and customer-specific.
  • Multi-turn Conversations: The tool navigates through multiple back-and-forth interactions, ensuring smooth customer support experiences.
  • Upsells and Cross-sells: Parabolic identifies opportunities for upselling and cross-selling based on customer pain-points.
  • Auto-categorization: Incoming customer questions are automatically categorized, facilitating efficient ticket management.
  • Robust Knowledge Base: Parabolic indexes all past responses for easy access to information, even for rarely asked questions.

Use Cases:

  • Customer support teams aiming to enhance their ticket resolution processes and improve response times.
  • Businesses using ticketing software platforms like Intercom, Zendesk, or Helpscout, seeking an AI-powered assistant to streamline customer support operations.
  • Support agents handling large volumes of customer inquiries and looking for an AI tool to assist in drafting responses and providing relevant recommendations.
  • Companies wanting to leverage their support data and create a more efficient and personalized customer support experience.

Parabolic offers a powerful AI solution to optimize customer support operations.



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