AI演讲助手 is a storytelling platform that enables users to create interactive presentations, combining videos, slides, text, and embeds to captivate their audience. Features empowers users to tell compelling stories through interactive presentations that go beyond traditional slideshows. With, users can create immersive experiences by combining various elements such as videos, slides, text, and embeds from their favorite tools.

Key Features:

  1. Interactive presentations: Create immersive presentations by combining videos, slides, text, and embeds.
  2. Integration capabilities: Import files from Google Drive and leverage Zapier, Slack, and Segment integrations.
  3. Choose-your-own-adventure format: Engage the audience with an interactive and addictive presentation experience.
  4. Wide range of content types: Incorporate videos, slides, PDFs, and interactive elements to enhance storytelling.
  5. Versatile user base: Suitable for founders raising funds, sales teams winning new business, and storytellers of all kinds.

Use Cases:

  • Sales presentations: Win more deals by delivering captivating and interactive sales presentations.
  • Fundraising pitches: Impress investors and raise funds with engaging storytelling presentations.
  • Training and education: Create interactive learning experiences with multimedia elements.
  • Marketing campaigns: Stand out in crowded online spaces by delivering memorable and interactive marketing presentations. is the go-to platform for users who want to go beyond traditional presentations and deliver captivating storytelling experiences.



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